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Residential and Commercial Santa Barbara Cleaning Services.

Santa Barbara Cleaning Services by Asset Empire Cleaning Services Of Santa Barbara is founded in Santa Barbara, CA

Cleaning Services and disinfection have never been more important right now then ever before, we are here to help.

We are experts at cleaning and disinfection, and we use our expertise every day. Hospitals, senior living facilities, businesses, schools and homeowners rely on us to keep people safe. We study infection, train our people to eliminate it and utilize best practices as described by the CDC to ensure our work is consistently effective.

Our Santa Barbara Cleaning Services:

Santa Barbara Professional Cleaning Service That You Can See and Feel

 Who We Are

At Asset Empire Cleaning Services Of Santa Barbara, we believe that having a clean home or commercial leads to a fuller, healthier and more productive life. While professional cleaning services in Santa Barbara have always been viewed as a luxury service for wealthy individuals, we are starting a movement to make cleaning services available to a broader audience. By creating an easy way to match homeowners with trusted, professional maids and house cleaners service providers, we’re taking the first step toward our mission of providing cleaning services to everyone in Santa Barbara.


It is our goal to offer you the best possible cleaning service available in Santa Barbara.
If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your cleaning service, we will come back and re-clean for free!

Finding The Best Cleaning Services Santa Barbara Has To Offer

Here in Santa Barbara City there are numerous chances for your home and business inhabitants to turn into somewhat jumbled or dusty. There are many cleaning services opportunities also. For instance, the warm summers blow in dust from everywhere, bothering sensitivities and giving everything in your home a filthy hint. Winter gets a huge load of dampness that is passed on to freeze and defrost again and again, making your doorways smooth and grimy. Not exclusively are cleaning issues an annoyance, however they can likewise be a significant wellbeing peril.

How do you get started with finding the best cleaning services Santa Barbara has to offer?  There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect company for you. To help you narrow down the list of places in your area, we have come up with a series of questions you should ask yourself before picking up the phone. Sit down with a pen and paper and prepare to transform your house or office into the cleanest place possible.

  • Assess Your Long-Term Goals:

The first thing you want to decide is if whether or not you want to establish a relationship with a cleaning service in Santa Barbara. Some businesses are better set up to come into your life for one day and then leave without further word. Others pride themselves in their long-term business relationships with you and other clients.

If you just need help with spring cleaning, taking care of an abandoned home or old attic, or want to start fresh in one of the rooms, then you’ll probably be happy with a smaller company that focuses on one-time gigs. They will arrive, help you clean what you want, and then leave the maintenance up to you. If you are someone who is overwhelmed by your current dirt and clutter, try doing things this way.

On the other hand, if this is for your office or commercial property, or if you have a large house that is difficult to maintain on your own, then you may want to find a company that will come clean for you on a set schedule. Small offices usually have cleanings on the weekends. A person with a medium-sized house is usually happy with the once a month visit.

  • Budget

Not the entirety of the cleaning services Santa Barbara offers are modest. In any case, it’s a decent dependable guideline that the more costly your timetable, the more you will receive in return. While this isn’t in every case valid, and you ought to do your estimating research, be ready to pay for the services you need.

Sit down and make a spending plan. Regardless of whether you are the top of your family or responsible for an enormous office, the individual settling on an official choice should know where they stand monetarily. Likewise, remember that each cleaning service company will have their prices and investment funds. Continuously read the fine print before you sign any agreements.

Take, for instance, cleaning companies A and B. Cleaning company A may not charge you for any gas it takes to get to your place, but will charge forty five dollars an hour to clean your home. They will also charge you for any special cleaner that is necessary, such as for certain stains.

Company B, meanwhile, only charges twenty dollars an hour for their maid service or cleaning services in general. However, they want you to pay an extra one dollar for every mile that they have to travel. This could end up costing you more than the first company, depending on the scope of your project and how long it will take to complete.

For people looking to establish a long-term business relationship, keep in mind that you may be able to get a good deal if you enter into a contract with a professional cleaning company. These services want your patronage, especially in today’s economy that has meant many people are letting go of their cleaners. It never hurts to ask if you will get a special rate if you use their cleaning services frequently.

Commercial Cleaning can include all the type of cleaning, from:

  • Regular cleaning (maintenance) to tile cleaning or window cleaning. carpet cleaning ETC.

Buildings such as: 

  • offices, hospitals, schools, gyms, movie theater cleaning, post and after construction up, post-event cleaning, stadium cleaning…

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services offered are:

  • Maintenance (weekly – bi weekly & monthly)
  • Deep Cleaning Service.
  • Move Out Cleaning Services.
  • Window Cleaning Services.
  • Carpet Cleaning Services.

What we Offer:

In your property, our professional maids/house cleaners uses a sanitizing solution to wipe down light switches, doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, and other commonly touched areas. We clean and sanitize your property using products that include certain Environmental Protection Association (EPA) registered disinfecting products and specific cleaning methods, such as mopping with microfiber mops, which have demonstrated a 99% reduction in bacteria.

We give instruction to our maids/cleaners to wash their hands with soap and water and use antibacterial hand sanitizer.

We are closely monitoring national, state and local health agencies for the most recent developments and following the guidance of government and public health officials.

Professional Products

Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Services.

We provide Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection services in Santa Barbara, CA. Including: Office Cleaning, Overnight Restaurant Cleanings, Final Construction Cleanings as well as Government & University.

 We offer a Solution That Kills SARS-CoV-2 & Coronavirus 

Dental Clinics, Hospitals, Banks, Retail, Boats, Cruises, Yachts, Cars, & More.

Asset Empire Cleaning Services Of Santa Barbara offers a wide range of sanitation products for janitorial services & commercial properties. Our cleaning disinfection is designed for infection control in the most popular places that need to be clean. Our product is designed to be lightweight, have special clean up process, Eco friendly, and non hazardous to offices after the job is done.

Our Cleaning Services are aimed at Office Centers, Data Centers, Government Facilities, Schools and Universities and much much more

  • CDC Disinfecting Guidelines
  • Open 7 Days Per Week
  • Day Porter & Overnight Cleanings
  • Construction Cleaning Services
Janitorial Services and Cleaning Services

REsidential Cleaning services.

Many people use residential/home cleaning services to keep their home neat and welcoming. Trusting professional maids/house cleaners can be a great way to make your home more comfortable, but you need to make sure you hire the right house cleaners. It’s always best to do some research before using the cleaning services of a professional cleaning company in Santa Barbara. Learning a few things about cleaning services will make it easier for you to find the ideal home cleaning company in Santa Barbara and to get the best out of the service you selected.

Complete House Cleaning Services For Santa Barbara, CA

Our complete ‘house cleaning services’ are designed to ensure that your house is spotless by the time we leave.

We offer total maid services/house cleaners that include thoroughly cleaning every room in your home from the foyer to the laundry room as well as bathrooms and kitchen.

Our House Cleaning Services Checklist:

  • Bathroom Cleaning – tile, vinyl, linoleum, counters, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers.
  • Bedroom Cleaning – carpets, hard surface floors, rugs, furnishings and inside cabinets.
  • Dining Room Cleaning – tables, chairs, hard surface floors, carpets and rugs, buffets and china cabinets.
  • Foyer – floors, windows, tables, chairs.
  • Kitchen Cleaning – tile, stone, vinyl and laminate floors, cabinets, sinks, appliance surfaces.
  • Laundry Room – floors, cabinets, shelves and washer and dryer exteriors.
  • Living Room Cleaning – tables, couches, chairs, wall décor, flouring, tables, entertainment centers and bookshelves.

We specialize in cleaning all types of hard surface floors and carpets. Our professional cleaning crews have the equipment and experience to clean hardwood, tile, linoleum, vinyl, rubber floors and concrete.

We can even strip and reapply wax and other protective coatings. Our carpet cleaning services include vacuuming and shampooing all types of residential carpets, including plush, level loop, Berber and textured.

Carpet Cleaning Services – All types of carpets, including Berber, area rugs, plush, level-loop, carpet tiles and textured carpets
Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Services – All types of hard surface floors, including hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, tile and stone

Maid Service & Housekeeping Service

Why Should You Hire A Professional Maid Service or Housekeeper In Santa Barbara?

Our team of highly-trained house cleaners are fully insured, licensed, and bonded, meeting the highest professional standards that other Santa Barbara Maid Services simply can’t match.
Whether you need reoccurring maid service or a one-time house cleaning service, it’s time to discover the power of Asset Empire Services LLC. Your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations by trained professionals. We follow the standard 52-Point Checklist, which includes following the CDC guidelines. We go farther than just making the beds, we vacuum underneath them. We will scrub and polish our way through your entire home until everything is cleaned just the way you need it.

Each of our maids is interviewed in person, vetted and comprehensively identity & background checked, professionally trained in the field, and held to a rigorous standard through reviews submitted from hundreds of clients before you. Your home will truly be under the care of some of Santa Barbara’s finest.

You can book your service weekly, bi weekly & monthly to maintain your home in proper conditions.

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Whatever you do with the time you gain from using our Santa Barbara Cleaning Services, you’ll know that our teams of professional cleaners are hard at work detailing cleaning your property.

Asset Empire PS Experts is a trusted source for Santa Barbara homes and businesses in need of commercial cleaning, janitorial services, house cleaning, maid services and other types of cleaning services.