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Asset Empire Carpet Cleaning In Santa Barbara local owned and operated we are serving the area Santa Barbara County and Ventura CountyOur awesome team of technicians provide quality and expert care in taking the stress out of mess, and guarantee all of our work.

Our teams use truck mounts steam carpet cleaning technology.  Steam cleaning is the best way to get your carpets, tile, and upholstery.  Our professional carpet cleaning truck mounts are equipped to clean and sanitize some of the toughest jobs and we take pride in our ability to achieve the best results for both our residential and commercial customers alike.

Whether you have children who just can’t seem to keep from tracking mud across the carpet, pets that leave hair and drool, or guests who forget to remove their shoes, over time your carpet begins to build up an amazing amount of dirt and debris. While vacuuming is a great stopgap measure, and gets much of the surface dirt, it does not truly clean the carpet or get the dirt that has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers.

To get your carpet truly clean, you need a professional deep cleaning service. That’s where we come in. At Asset Empire Carpet Cleaning Services, we have been servicing Santa Barbara, CA and the surrounding areas since 2016. Our strong customer service, efficient and professional work product, and reasonable pricing combine to put a smile on the faces of our customers in not only Santa Barbara but throughout surrounding cities as well. We have a reputation for providing quality carpet cleaning service.

No matter what has happened to your carpet, chances are that we can help you get it looking good again. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and tell you just how we can help you get your carpet back to top shape. What’s more, we are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That’s right: You love the result, or we make it right with you. We love to work with home owners, commercial properties, property managers, tenants, restaurants and hotels.

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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Services In Santa Barbara, CA.

  • Asset Empire Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services Company is part of the family of Nancy’s Cleaning Services LLC focused in Carpet Cleaning, Tile & Grout  Cleaning – Upholstery Cleaning. 
    We used professional carpet cleaning machines called “truck mounted machines
  • A truck mounts carpet cleaner is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit that is attached to the floor of a van or trailer. Our professional carpet cleaner technician would stop the van close to the property, interface the vacuum hose and solution line hose into the machine.
  • Truck mount extractors machine remove soil, chemicals and pollen from carpets easier than portables because suction is stronger and the water gets heated to a higher temperature.
  • Our professional carpet cleaning technician only use top products, that’s why we only buy products from Jon-Don and Truck Mount Forums.
  • Experts recommend every 6 months for a deep cleaning but at least once every 12 months.
  • Normally it takes 4 hours to dry but some times it can take 6 to 8 hours to dry. 
  • Of course there are permanent stains that can never be removed, these can be identified by your carpet cleaning professional once the initial evaluation has been completed. Pet urine stains, any type of artificially colored stains and many others are sometimes difficult to remove but can be lightened.
  • First, and most importantly, it is the ONLY cleaning process recommended by your carpet manufacturer. Your carpets must be professionally steam cleaned at regular intervals to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, we have found that steam cleaning is both a surface cleaner and a deep penetrating cleaner. The steam cleaning process will remove surface stains and also deep clean down into the carpet fibers where bacteria and other stains can linger.
  • A thorough vacuuming is the most important part in preparing for your professional carpet cleaning. This vital step will ensure you get the best results after your carpet cleaning has been completed. No time to vacuum? Asset Empire Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaners always carries powerful, commercial grade vacuum cleaners on every vehicle. We will gladly vacuum your carpets for you.

    We also ask that you move any small breakable items to a safe place. This makes it easier to move furniture as well as eliminates the possibility of any accidental breakage during the cleaning process.

  • Experience, equipment, and the appropriate cleaning solutions are all huge factors when it comes to carpet cleaning. There is no consumer level machine available that can give you the type of cleaning power you need to achieve the results of a true professional carpet cleaning (truck mounted). Factoring in the cost of equipment rental or purchase, cleaning solutions, and the time it would take to do the job yourself; hiring a professional like Asset Empire Carpet Cleaning Service In Santa Barbara just makes more sense. The benefits are far greater than the small amount of money you might save.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services:

Carpet Cleaning

     Step 1: State of the art equipment.
     Step 2 : Rez-Free Pre-treatment.
     Step 3 : Knowledge.

All of our technicians are certified, highly knowledgeable, and able to answer any questions you may have.

If your floor hasn’t been professionally cared for over a decade, Asset Empire Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services recommend that you get tile grout steam cleaning done. Indeed we offer the highest quality Tile & Grout Cleaning.

You should considered having upholstery cleaned at least once a year this will prolong the life of your fabric. Steam cleaning upholstery is recommended by the manufactures, this guarantees the elimination of dust mites, pet dander, odors, and accidental spills.


Everyone loves a warm and snuggly puppy. Unfortunately, that lovable little guy will inevitably have an accident (or two, or three…) as he grows up into a devoted and loyal companion to your family.

Long after the potty-training stage has passed, your carpet can retain reminders of that stage of life. What’s worse, the home remedies and store-bought carpet cleaners you try, seem to do absolutely nothing to lift the lingering odor out.

Our specialized carpet products contains unique compounds designed to attack the source of the odors and break it down. We employ a proprietary carpet cleaning solution and method of cleaning your carpet that will leave it as clean and fresh as it was before the accident. Call Us Today!!!

So, if your carpet is showing the years, give it a facelift! We serve many areas from Santa Barbara, CA, Goleta and surrounding cities.


As carpets age, they tend to develop areas of higher wear and tear. These are usually in high-traffic areas where people tend to walk more often; however, they may also be in places such as around a dining table, in front of a couch, and so on.

Some stains develop over time, as dirty feet pass over a specific spot over and over again. Other stains develop in just a moment—such as when a wayward elbow knocks over a coffee mug or a plate of pasta. Whatever the source, we are experts at deep cleaning stained carpets.

We utilize a special cleaning product that penetrates deep into the fibers of the carpet. Then, the agent begins to work on a molecular level, breaking down the stain and loosening it from the carpet. Finally, we come in with our hot water extraction machines and lift away the stain. You’ll love the way your carpet looks!

WHY WORK WITH Asset Empire Services Company:

Our advanced carpet cleaning technology, solutions, and methods provide a deeper clean with a difference you can see.

Asset Empire Services Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning is a division company of Nancy's Cleaning Services. Our clients experience cleaning like never before.

We guarantee our superior carpet cleaning results with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee - the best in the business.

Our goal is to provide professional carpet cleaning service in Santa Barbara, CA for those who need their carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces restored like new.

Reviews of Asset Empire Carpet Cleaning Santa Barbara

"Was able to schedule quicky. Came and did a great job! Will use again."
Margaret Hersh
"Great work! We had a white chase cleaned that was so dirty from 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog we have to get it cleaned a second time, but the difference is amazing! There guy was very knowledgeable"
Bradley Morris
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