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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services.

Asset Empire Cleaning Services Of Santa Barbara is founded in Santa Barbara, CA

We’re experts at cleaning and disinfecting. Hospitals, senior living facilities businesses schools homeowners rely on us to keep people safe from infection – training our staff in effective techniques so they can eliminate these germs consistently across all areas where there is activity taking place.

Our Santa Barbara Cleaning Services are:

  • Commercial Cleaning Service: (move out/in cleaning – deep cleaning – carpet cleaning service. -window cleaning.
  • Office Cleaning Service: (maintenance service, deep clean – carpet cleaning –  window cleaning. 
  • Janitorial Services: (maintenance services, carpet cleaning, window cleaning.
  • House Cleaning Services: (move out/in cleaning – maid service (deep clean)  & housekeeping service)
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Santa Barbara Professional Cleaning Service That You Can See and Feel

Commercial Cleaning can include all the type of cleaning, from:

  • Regular cleaning (maintenance) to tile cleaning or window cleaning. carpet cleaning ETC.

Building maintenance such as: 

  • offices, hospitals, schools, gyms, movie theater cleaning, post and after construction up, post-event cleaning, stadium cleaning…

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services offered are:

  • Maintenance (weekly – bi weekly & monthly)
  • Deep Cleaning Service.
  • Move Out Cleaning Services.
  • Window Cleaning Services.
  • Carpet Cleaning Services.

What we Offer:

We have a team of professional cleaners who specialize in commercial cleaning & housekeeping/maid services. We use the latest disinfecting solutions and cleaning methods to make sure your home is clean, safe for you or anyone else that might be living there!

We provide instructions to our staff members on how they should wash their hands with soap and water, as well as use antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Professional Products

Janitorial Services & Commercial Cleaning Services.

We provide Commercial Cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA. Including: Office Cleaning, Overnight Restaurant Cleanings, Final Construction Cleanings as well as Government & University.
Dental Clinics, Hospitals, Banks, Retail, Boats, Cruises, Yachts, Cars, & More.

Our Commercial & Office Cleaning Services are aimed at Office Centers, Data Centers, Government Facilities, Schools and Universities and much much more.

Janitorial Services and Cleaning Services

REsidential Cleaning services.

Many people use residential/home cleaning services to keep their home neat and welcoming. Trusting professional maids/house cleaners or also known as “housekeepers” it’s a great way to make your home more comfortable, but you need to make sure you hire the right house cleaners. It’s always best to do some research before using a cleaning services of a professional cleaning company in Santa Barbara.

Complete House Cleaning Services For Santa Barbara, CA

Our complete ‘house cleaning services’ are designed to ensure that your house is spotless by the time we leave.

We offer total maid services/house cleaners in Santa Barbara that include thoroughly cleaning every room in your house/apartment from the foyer to the laundry room as well as bathrooms and kitchen.

Our House Cleaning Services Checklist:

  • Bathroom Cleaning – tile, vinyl, linoleum, counters, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers.
  • Bedroom Cleaning – carpets, hard surface floors, rugs, furnishings and inside cabinets.
  • Dining Room Cleaning – tables, chairs, hard surface floors, carpets and rugs, buffets and china cabinets.
  • Foyer – floors, windows, tables, chairs.
  • Kitchen Cleaning – tile, stone, vinyl and laminate floors, cabinets, sinks, appliance surfaces.
  • Laundry Room – floors, cabinets, shelves and washer and dryer exteriors.
  • Living Room Cleaning – tables, couches, chairs, wall décor, flouring, tables, entertainment centers and bookshelves.

We specialize in cleaning all types of hard surface floors and carpets. Our professional crews have the equipment and experience to clean hardwood, tile & grout and concrete.

 Our carpet cleaning services include vacuuming and shampooing all types of residential carpets, including plush, level loop, Berber and textured.

Maid Service & Housekeeping Service

Why Should You Hire A Professional Maid Service or Housekeeper In Santa Barbara?

Our team of highly-trained house cleaners are fully insured, licensed, and bonded, meeting the highest professional standards that other Santa Barbara Maid Services simply can’t match.
We take great pride in our maids and how we care for them. Each one of these individuals has gone through an extensive screening process, both personally (interview) as well as with their background checks done by us before they’re allowed access to work at your home or office! Our team will always make sure that only high quality service providers fill out those roles – which means you can expect nothing but excellence from start-to finish while having someone clean up any messes made during said cleaning sessions.

You can book your service weekly, bi weekly & monthly to maintain your home in proper conditions.

Santa Barbara Maid Service

Asset Empire PS REviews

Jessi LGoogle
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I was looking for a move out cleaning & i saw this company offer carpet cleaning too so i hired both services. The carpet looks excellent, although I lived on a fourth floor it was no problem.
Lakesha LewisGoogle
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This is the best carpet cleaner available in Santa Barbara, thank Nancys team! Margarito shows up on time and he did a wonderful job that I am proud of. My pet stains are gone and my carpet smells brand new. That's really awesome!
Kate Van-DongeGoogle
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This service was excellent! I had an urgent pet stain that needed to be treated immediately. When I called them and explained what was going on they moved their schedule around to help me. They were fast, clean, polite and trustworthy. Thank you so much!
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  Asset Empire PS

Whatever you do with the time you gain from using our Santa Barbara Cleaning Services, you’ll know that our teams of professional maid & cleaners are hard at work detailing cleaning your property.

Asset Empire PS Experts is a trusted source for Santa Barbara homes and businesses in need of commercial cleaning, janitorial services, house cleaning, maid services and other types of cleaning services.